54 59mm Mechanical Turbocharger Fuel Saver Intake Modified Accelerator Car Styling Fit For 1 5L 1 6L Displacement in Turbo Chargers Parts from Automobiles Motorcycles

54 59mm Mechanical Turbocharger Fuel Saver Intake Modified Accelerator Car Styling Fit For 1 5L 1 6L Displacement in Turbo Chargers Parts from Automobiles Motorcycles
54 59mm Mechanical Turbocharger Fuel Saver Intake Modified Accelerator Car Styling Fit For 1 5L 1 6L Displacement in Turbo Chargers Parts from Automobiles Motorcycles
54 59mm Mechanical Turbocharger Fuel Saver Intake Modified Accelerator Car Styling Fit For 1 5L 1 6L Displacement in Turbo Chargers Parts from Automobiles Motorcycles
54 59mm Mechanical Turbocharger Fuel Saver Intake Modified Accelerator Car Styling Fit For 1 5L 1 6L Displacement in Turbo Chargers Parts from Automobiles Motorcycles
54 59mm Mechanical Turbocharger Fuel Saver Intake Modified Accelerator Car Styling Fit For 1 5L 1 6L Displacement in Turbo Chargers Parts from Automobiles Motorcycles
54 59mm Mechanical Turbocharger Fuel Saver Intake Modified Accelerator Car Styling Fit For 1 5L 1 6L Displacement in Turbo Chargers Parts from Automobiles Motorcycles

Product Specification

Brand Name: FY-UU

Special Features: Fuel Saver

Material Type: Stainless steel

Item Length: 54-59mm

Item Weight: 60g

For Vehicle Brands/Model: Audi

Model: 54-59MM

Suitable for displacement:: 1.6L / 1.8L / 2.0L

Fuel-efficient:: steam (diesel) oil engine

Features:: Low noise

power improvement: Engine power increas 40%.

working principle:: Cyclone vortex quickly into the cylinder, increase engine power.

Product Description

54-59mm Mechanical Turbocharger Fuel Saver Intake Modified Accelerator Car-Styling Fit For 1.6L / 1.8L / 2.0L Displacement





Model:54-59MM (Need other models, please contact us)

Please note when buying:

Please pay attention to the displacement model:

41-46MM for normal 1.0-1.2 displacement
48-53MM for 1.3-1.4 displacement
54-59MM for 1.5-1.6 displacement
60-65MM for 1.8-2.0 displacement
67-72MM for 2.2-2.4 displacement
73-78MM for displacement of 2.7 and above

The above as a reference, when installed, the best measurement of air filter inlet pipe diameter shall prevail.

Product Features

1. improve air fuel ratio

The vortex swirling vortex is quickly pushed into the cylinder, increasing the instantaneous intake pressure and oxygen content of the air to achieve complete combustion, thereby achieving the maximum combustion effect with the least fuel. In order to improve the air fuel ratio. The 50 states use test, the maximum combustion ratio increased by 25%.

2. enhanced power
The same principle is to strengthen the perfect mixture of fuel and air to make the fuel particles more refined. The rapidly rotating combustion mode, improve engine power, reduce knocking phenomenon. According to the test of the world authority, the combustion rate in the combustion chamber can be increased by 80% and the engine power can be increased by 40%.

3. reduce pollution
As the air fuel ratio is greatly increased, the carbon monoxide (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO) produced by incomplete combustion are controlled. So it has a significant effect on preventing air pollution

4. reduce noise
This product is static under the production of rotating air flow, no noise. Due to the full combustion and power enhancement, it will undoubtedly change the running state of the engine. The noise is obviously reduced and the ride is more comfortable.

5. prolonging vehicle life
The burning is full and the carbon accumulation in the cylinder is greatly reduced. The piston, piston ring and working wear of the cylinder are reduced, and the maintenance cycle can be lengthened in addition to prolonging the life of the engine and reducing the failure of the power transmission system.

6. improve braking force and induction
Safety. To improve the induction, the vaporizer and the TBI engine can bring the effect of MPI.

7. improve the starting property
Cold car start more smoothly in winter, the use of air conditioning power in the summer no less.

8. safe and harmless safety and free pollution
Add new storm power to accelerate the fuel economizer, do not change the structure of the engine and car body, do not damage the engine, do not damage the original vehicle oil circuit and other accessories, will not cause any public nuisance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1, size do not know how much?

Dear  dear: Due to the car models are more, each car has a variety of sizes,  with different models of different models produced by the throttle, air  filter assembly, exhaust pipe, intake pipe size is different, First measure the size of the installation and then select the appropriate fuel economy for installation.

2, where installed?

There  are two installation options: one in the throttle, air filter assembly  installed in each one (see the physical installation diagram.) Second:  exhaust muffler in the exhaust pipe installed behind each (due to the  different design of the muffler to be installed two To three).

3, into the leaves will not fall into the cylinder?

No:  The materials used in our products are all made of imported mild steel  316 Titanium, the blades are welded on the steel, the blades will not  drive and the blades have a certain angle, so as to change the direction  of the intake air to enhance the power, All blade welding machine used to ensure the quality of welding and  stable, there will be no leaves fall into the cylinder situation!

4, loaded will go loose?

Measure  the inner diameter of the throttle and the inner diameter of the air  filter assembly Select the appropriate fuel economizer to install the  product itself with a flexible, 5mm size range, can be securely stuck  throttle and air filter assembly, product belt There are "U" shrapnel, you can "U" -shaped shrapnel outward with a  batch move out to catch the throttle (see the throttle installation  diagram).

5, installed really have a role?

Before and after the installation comparison: Before the installation: start the engine, observe the car:
1.  Use a white tissue to put it on the exhaust pipe of the car. After a  few seconds, you will notice that the white tissue will stick to the  stain and smell a very rich fuel. Indicating that the car is not fully burned, and leave a lot of carbon inside the cylinder;
2. Note that the exhaust exhaust dry or humid, whether to take the white gas or drip phenomenon;
3. Note tachometer current idle speed. Step on the accelerator to observe the engine engine without shaking and noise situation;
4. Feel the sensitivity of the current throttle.

After installation: start the engine, and then observe the car:
1. Stepped on the accelerator several times, after a few minutes with  the same white paper towel test will find the fuel flavor and smoke  significantly reduced;
2. Exhaust exhaust humidity significantly enhanced, some cars will drip phenomenon at the same time;
3. There will be a small amount of idle speed changes, forced to step  on the accelerator a few times will find the engine smooth and steady,  the noise is significantly smaller;
4. Vehicle power was significantly enhanced, start sensitive, that your car engine combustion has undergone fundamental changes;
5. In summary, the lighter the throttle, speed up, power increased, so fuel consumption will also be reduced.
6, why do I have no effect on the installation?

Must be installed behind the airflow sensor, if installed in front of  the airflow sensor is ineffective, at the same time after installation  need to open some time and then check the fuel consumption and power  have improved.

7, why not install the fuel-efficient but increased the amount of oil it?

Due to the power of the product after installation, but the driving  habits or the original driving habits, the beginning of the oil will be  increased, so used to the habit of installing the product after the car  you read the inspection of oil will inevitably be reduced.

8, why some cars feel obviously some cars do not feel the effect?

If  the intake pipe has been modified, for example: an increase of  secondary oxygen device, change the air filter, increase other  fuel-efficient products, then our products will appear on the  installation of the feeling is not obvious, this is normal, etc. After you open a period of time to review the fuel consumption and low idling, there will be changes. If the intake pipe is not modified car, the installation of our products feel more obvious. Different car engines, the feeling will be different, this is normal.

How  it works: The storm new power Fuel economy is based on aircraft engine  air booster power technology from the computer to accurately calculate  the angle of each wing and the design of the interference hole position  will interfere with the spoiler through the different fins in the moment  Forming  a wind vortex, thereby increasing the amount of intake air and intake  pressure, while making a fundamental change in intake mode, from the  previous parallel into the whirlwind into the whirlwind into. (That is, laminar flow into turbulence, breeze into a cyclone process), so that oil and gas mixture, more fully burned.







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